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Advanced Motivational Interviewing

Phase Two

Service Description

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This workshop provides advanced training in Motivational Interviewing (MI) Phase Two, focusing on the principles, skills, and strategies necessary to evoke and deepen sustain/change talk during counseling sessions. Participants will engage in practical exercises to apply key concepts in a counseling context, enhancing their applied skills in areas such as: - Four processes of MI - Traps that promote disengagement - Effective reflective responses - Integrating values to achieve goals - Four styles of ambivalence - Neutrality in exploring ambivalence - Four subtypes of preparatory change talk - Mobilizing activation change talk - Effective responses to discord - Eliciting change talk and identifying "hidden" change talk - Transitioning from evoking to planning - Strengthening commitment plans - Importance of process, not just content By the end of the course, participants will have gained advanced proficiency in applying MI techniques, enabling them to facilitate positive behavioral change and support clients effectively.

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