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Becoming a Mindful Practitioner

The art of creating space and “being fully with” your clients

Service Description

The ancient art of mindfulness has been practiced for over 2,500 years to address and/or alleviate human suffering. The basic skills of mindfulness focus on three areas, including focusing attention, open monitoring, and compassionate acceptance. As practitioners, our clinical focus is to walk “with” our clients in order for them to experience a means of reducing their human suffering. Becoming a mindful therapist allows us the art of walking “with” our clients experientially, fully present, and with enhanced awareness. This workshop will explore how one can move in the direction of becoming a mindful-based practitioner within himself or herself, creating a greater openness in how we sit and be with our clients. The art of mindfulness starts within us first before we can share it with others. This training is both knowledge-based and interactive. Learning Objectives - the power of being ‘fully’ present in clinical practice - the art of bring mindfulness into the clinical work with client - the role of meditation practices as a counter-transference defense - how to cultivate mindfulness as a means to deepen the therapeutic presence - to deepen the therapeutic connection - creating ‘space’ for the client - strength atonement in moving towards resonance – ‘How we became ‘we” - Strengthening ‘concentration’ - to become mindful of emotions - developing deeper and accurate empathy through mindful presence - Deepening your own meditation practice to enhance your practice This certificate is suitable for: Mental health professionals, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Front-line workers such as nurses, clergy, social workers, and residential workers who provide services to vulnerable populations

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