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Motivational Interview Training Workshop

How to motivate your clients to change their addictive behaviours

Service Description

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP The advice-giving trap can become a barrier to the change process for clients with addictive behaviours. This skills-focused, interactive training will invite participants to develop their understanding and practice of Motivational Interviewing (MI), a method of enhancing one’s motivation to change addictive behaviours, without using the ineffective approaches of the advice-giving trap. Miller and Rollnick’s empirically supported treatment approach helps frontline worker understand the dynamics of motivation and identifies skills and interventions that can be used to help clients access and enhance their own desire for positive change. MI has long been recognized as a foundational approach in supporting people to change substance use behaviour and its value in supporting behaviour change more broadly has also been recognized in recent years. This training will enhance participants’ understanding of the spirit of MI and its importance to effective MI practice. This workshops provides an interactive and integrative experience to learning the skills of motivations interviewing.

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