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Schema Therapy Workshop

An effective way to support clients who have a history of trauma, attachment, and personality disord

Service Description

This model evolved from cognitive behavioural therapy in combination with various psychotherapeutic approaches. Schema therapy, as compared to cognitive therapies, has a greater emotional focus on exploring childhood and adolescent origins of psychological problems. These current re-enacted problems are integrated into cognitive information processing and have become part of the personality structure creating patterning thought and behaviours known as schemas. Participants will learn to use this model to assist their clients to: alter their coping reactions to schema activations become mindfully aware and disengage from unhelpful patterns of relating to past experience to strive build and enhance the healthy well-balanced adult self Learning objectives: Gain an overview/introduction to schema therapy, origins, domains, and effective techniques Understand and update maladaptive coping modes Explore conditional versus unconditional schemas Examine neurobiology of maladaptive schemas Review four schema modes, schema therapy assumptions Outline schema mode mapping and monitoring Learn altering behavioural patterns of the child, inner critic, and coping modes Understand the role of chair work in schema therapy Analyze imagery experiential strategies and behavioural experiments Learn to reparent the self along with gentle empathic confrontation

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