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Working with ‘Parts’ Workshop

A structural dissociative approach to trauma therapy

Service Description

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This workshop introduces understanding how trauma can result in varying degrees of dissociation and fragmentation of one’s inner experience. This workshop draws elements from different parts of work/ego state models such as structural dissociation, transactional analysis, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and others LEARNING OBJECTIVES -Conceptualizing inner states -Singular verse split subconscious states -Dissociation as a division of the personality -Dissociative parts of personality -The role of ‘phobic reactions’ within parts -Understanding the ‘self-protective’ roles of different parts or ego states including shame -Tools to support relationship with fragmented ego state/parts of one’s inner world, foster a means to integration, inner coherence, regulation, and the capacity for self-soothing -Treatment interventions for overcoming the phobia of dissociative parts. -Specific interactive strategies and exercises working with ego state parts.

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