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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workshop

CBT Beginners Training for Workers in Healthcare & Community Service

Service Description

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This workshop will provide the essential components for CBT therapy for frontline workers in addictions, mental health, health care, and social services. This two day course will review the fundamental clinical components of CBT throughout each step of the process. In order to support the integrative learning experience, this training incorporates a specific overview of each essential component of the CBT model with hands on practical learning. LEARNING OBJECTIVES -Define the cognitive model. -Describe the structure of a cognitive therapy session. -Describe how to conceptualize clients according to the cognitive model. -Identify cognitive behavior therapy interventions. -Use techniques to engage the client in treatment. -Use techniques to develop the therapeutic alliance. -Use techniques to elicit and evaluate automatic thoughts. -Engaging and implementing graded exposures -Describe strategies to modify core beliefs and assumptions. SUITABLE FOR Mental health professionals Counsellors Psychotherapists Front-line workers such as nurses, clergy, social workers and residential workers who provide services to vulnerable populations

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