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Mental Health 101 Workshop

The Basics for Frontline Staff

Service Description

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This two day workshop will overview mental health for professionals in the fields of health, education, social services, and justice. This course is also open to paraprofessionals who are seeking a basic overview of mental health knowledge and understanding. This training will overview the different mental health diagnoses; their prevalence; symptoms and treatment approaches for mood disorders, anxiety disorders; schizophrenia; concurrent disorders using an integrated model approach; suicide & parasuicide; and finally the role of health promotion as a means to working towards mental wellness strategies and resiliency. LEARNING OBJECTIVES -Review the definitions of mental health and illness -Understand the connection between untreated trauma and mental health and addictions -Statistical Impact of Mental Health in Canada -Gain knowledge of the signs and symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia -Review the components of a mental status examination -Provide an overview of concurrent disorders and an integrated approach -Foreseeability versus predictability of suicide -Reviewing the risk factors for the pathway of suicide -Gaining knowledge and understanding of parasuicidal (Cutting, burning, and other self-harming acts) behaviours and how to respond -Effective safety planning for suicidal risk -Health promotion, mental wellness approaches, and resiliency SUITABLE FOR Mental health professionals Counsellors Psychotherapists Front-line workers such as nurses, clergy, social workers, and residential workers who provide services to vulnerable populations

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