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Structural Dissociative Theory

A Therapeutic Approach to Working with Trauma Parts (Part 2)

Service Description

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This workshop will provide comprehensive training on the treatment of chronic traumatization, specifically focusing on different levels of structural dissociation within clients. Participants will gain expertise in working with clients experiencing primary, secondary, and tertiary structural dissociation, including Complex Trauma, DESNOS, BPD without DID, and Complex Trauma with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The workshop will cover the following key learning components: - Advancing knowledge of the structural dissociation of the personality. - Understanding chronic traumatization from Pierre Janet's psychology of action systems and tendencies. - Treatment of chronically traumatized clients, which includes the following: Assessment Promoting adaptive actions General treatment principles Phase one: Overcoming the phobia of attachment and attachment loss Overcoming the phobia of trauma-derived mental actions Overcoming the phobia of dissociative parts Phase two: Overcoming the phobia of traumatic memory Phase three: Integration of personality and overcoming the phobias of normal life By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of treating chronic traumatization and be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively work with clients at different levels of structural dissociation.

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