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Trauma Certificate

Clinical Skills for working with those who have endured trauma

Service Description

The Trauma Certificate for Social Service Providers will provide theoretical and applied steps to working with clients who have been implicated by trauma. This training will cover the clinical steps including intake, screening, assessment, ground strategies and tool kits, case conceptualization formulation, and the application of CBT for flashback management reprocessing. We support the theoretical component of this training with role-playing, which allows each new skill to be practiced, thus further supporting the integration of each new concept learned. To earn this certificate, you will have to complete the following workshops: - Clinical Approaches to Working with Trauma - Trauma-Informed Training - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Essentials for Frontline Workers - Understanding Trauma, Victimization, and The Clinical Implications - Polyvagal Model - Countertransference Training and Awareness of Self This certificate is suitable for: Mental health professionals, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Front-line workers such as nurses, clergy, social workers, and residential workers who provide services to vulnerable populations

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